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25 Nov

Invisible Fence Long Island NY

Invisible Fence Long Island NY

Invisible Fence Long Island NY

Keeping an active dog inside your property line is difficult without a physical fence. It is impossible to watch your pet every minute of the day. Fortunately, “Invisible Fence Long Island NY” solves the problem with a proven invisible fence system.


How it Works:

The “Invisible Fence” works with the use of an underground wire attached to a transmitter located in a basement or garage. This transmitter sends a warning transmission to a pet collar. The pet responds to the sound by avoiding the area.


Offer Pets a Better Way of Life:

In addition, a training session is included for your pets to assist them in adjusting to boundaries. Prevent your animal from running out into the street, chasing neighbors, mail carriers or cars with an Invisible Fence. Thousands of pets are injured, lost or stolen each year when they wander into the street or other unspecified spaces. Use indoor containment systems to eliminate the need for physical pet gates


Employ an Invisible Underground Fence System using the Exclusive Boundary Plus® Technology:

This solution fits for indoor use, outdoor boundaries and trains a pet to stay within designated spaces. This system of invisible fence protection assists pet owners of both cats and dogs. Children are sometimes involved with pets and love to follow them into areas that are not always acceptable. Preventing pets from entering these areas can also protect children while playing with a dog or cat.


The safety of your pet and others is important. So, let Invisible Fence long Island NY help you shelter your pet from the dangers of pools, sheds, gardens and other spaces where pets may encounter harm. Give yourself peace of mind by using the “Invisible Fence” to train your pet to stay within the perimeter of your property. Click on Invisible Fence Long Island NY for more information.

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